One of the world’s most innovative companies, SpaceX, is using V1CE cards across their business. SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft so they know a thing or two about pushing boundaries and taking leaps into new spaces.

SpaceX decided to try V1CE as they thought the brand was ‘modern and simple’ and wanted to avoid the age-old problem of ‘losing and carrying’ traditional paper business cards. In today’s day and age, should we really be printing and reprinting endless supplies of paper cards, only to have them land up in the bin?! That’s where V1CE comes in as a more sustainable solution, both for the company and for the overall health of the planet.

Using V1CE within the business allows SpaceX employees to meet vendors and exchange contact info internally as well. This enables both client-facing possibilities as well as the ability to improve internal communication between colleagues, helping to solidify relationships and build long-term partnerships. It makes networking a lot easier when you ‘always have a card on hand.’

The brand’s favourite feature is V1CE’s unique ‘NFC technology and QR code combo metal card’ - makes perfect sense as our metal card aligns with SpaceX’s overall modern look and feel. Not only that, but the cards have been fully customised for each employee, with the right amount of detail for each person so people can share as little or as much info as they like.

"Staff have reacted ‘very positively"

- Dominic Hwang.

They are pleased to be ‘saving time reordering cards’ and instead just edit employee V1CE cards when people leave the company, join the company or get promoted to a new role. They plan on ‘scaling larger for more visibility’ in the future to continue their upward trajectory with V1CE!

Space X ordered a mixture of black metal and silver metal cards for their senior management.

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