Bahrain International Circuit

Bahrain International Circuit

Only the most successful and forward-thinking businesses, like new client Bahrain International Circuit. In a push towards increased sustainability, Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) has issued staff with revolutionary V1CE contactless business cards for their organisation, eliminating the need for expensive, wasteful paper business cards

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They were so pleased with their cards, they “started to move to digitisation” and felt compelled by the V1CE experience to embrace “sustainability and go green.” Two things we love to hear! 

But why did they choose V1CE? The cards innovatively feature Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, that allow contactless data transfer between devices. Seeing as they were already using NFC technology for their Time & Attendance Systems, it made perfect sense to fully transition to V1CE cards and benefit further from this innovative technology. 

Plus they found that we succeeded on:

✔️Time to respond

✔️ Quality of Products

✔️ Price

✔️ Clear communication

✔️ Dealing with a trusted partner with excellent customer service

Not only that, but they were tired of “printing paper business cards and how long it takes”, “running out of business cards while in a meeting” and that age old problem that “once they’re handed over, they get lost by the receiver”. Simply not issues when using V1CE cards!


BIC has chosen our environmentally friendly bamboo materials that have been designed in the circuit’s own unique branding. Employees can use the card’s NFC technology to share their information - such as contact details and social media specifics - with new business contacts, colleagues and clients across the business. 

The BIC team’s entire V1CE experience was overwhelmingly positive :) They loved our:

  • Easy enrollment process
  • Instant information change

These two great features make the enrollment process easy to implement and easy to make changes when necessary. Has your employee received a promotion with a new title? No problem. Has someone left the company and been replaced with a new member of staff? No problem. Our systems allow instant changes to be made to card information and even branding if necessary - win-win for the business as well as its employees.

The future is looking bright for BIC, with plans to “utilise the multi actions and options available with V1CE to reach out to our customers”. 

“The launch of our contactless business cards is another step in our commitment to building a sustainable future and limiting our impact on the planet. We are delighted to be working with V1CE, which has developed leading technology in this area, whilst the cards themselves are also responsibly sourced.”

- Laurence Jones, Senior Manager, Marketing and communications, Bahrain International Circuit

“It made our life easy. One card can be used multiple times, thanks to the team at V1CE!”

- Mohammed Sarhan, Bahrain International Circuit

“We are delighted to be officially linked with BIC and its partners to be part of the change to attain carbon neutrality within the region. Our sustainability values are in line with BIC and VICE is proud and honored to be recognized - in the Kingdom of Bahrain as a trusted entity fulfilling the future of the targeted values.”

- Roger Hadley, Operation Manager, V1CE


Are you thinking of using V1CE for your business? Enquire today and find out how you can save money, save time, and save the planet!


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