Networking with V1CE: A Case Study with Jay Dedhiya (Stage Engage)

Networking with V1CE: A Case Study with Jay Dedhiya (Stage Engage)

As businesses evolve in the digital age, so do the tools they use to forge connections. One company that understands this well is Stage Engage, a frontrunner in the events industry. Their commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for efficiency and sustainability is apparent in their choice of networking tools. Here, Jay Dedhiya, their Head of Marketing & Business Development, shares how V1CE has transformed networking for them.

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Before using V1CE, Stage Engage, like many companies, relied on traditional paper printed business cards. However, this method presented several challenges. Jay recollects, "You need to carry hundreds of cards. If you forget the cards at home then it becomes embarrassing. Not to mention the wastage of paper & ink, thus it's not a sustainable solution. Wastage of paper, if the employee leaves within the first few months, is another pain point."

It was at a networking event that Jay first discovered the magic of V1CE. Introduced to him by an attendee, the networking tool struck him as "cool and sustainable". The sustainable aspect of V1CE was appealing to him and Chris Ablett, the Director at Stage Engage. They were both acutely aware of the environmental impact of paper waste, making V1CE's proposition even more compelling.


Chris Ablett using V1CE card at event

Jay outlines the top reasons for choosing V1CE as "Sustainability, Cost-Effectiveness, Ease of Use, and Convenience." He further elaborates that V1CE cards have become an essential tool for the business development team, who are regularly out meeting new people. With the NFC card in their pocket, they don't have to worry about carrying hundreds of paper cards. The networking tool allows them to promote sustainable business practices while sharing digital case studies effortlessly.

When asked about the challenges that V1CE helped Stage Engage overcome, Jay noted, "The V1CE cards are very convenient and easy to use, and one need not worry about their business cards. Also, if an employee leaves, the card can be transferred to the new joiner without any hassles, thus helping reduce paper wastage and promoting sustainability."


Stage Engage's V1CE Cards

A standout feature for Jay is the Profile Builder. This tool goes beyond the mere exchange of contact details, allowing individuals to showcase their professional persona in a comprehensive and dynamic way. "The Profile Builder allows you to showcase yourself just beyond exchanging contact details."

The reaction to V1CE within Stage Engage has been overwhelmingly positive. Staff seem to be loving it, and there's a clear vision for the future. Jay tells us, "Moving forward, we plan to utilise the analytics provided by V1CE to gain insight into how often and when my card is being viewed. This will allow us to refine our networking strategy and engage with potential clients or business partners more effectively."

V1CE Dashboard & Analytics

V1CE has helped Stage Engage achieve their business goals more efficiently. The capability of sharing the complete company profile, including case studies, social links, and contact information, with just a tap of the card, has not just made networking seamless, but also engaging and result-driven.

In closing, Jay and Chris share their heartfelt testimonial, "We recently started using V1CE digital cards and we are thoroughly impressed with their innovative features and convenience. With just a tap of the card, we can easily share our complete company profile, including social links and contact information, with our clients. Overall, we highly recommend V1CE digital cards for anyone looking for a sustainable and efficient way to network and share their business information. It has made our life much easier and we are excited to see how it can continue to benefit our business in the future. Also, they have some really cool accessories too."

Stage Engages Custom V1CE Card

By embracing V1CE as a vital networking tool, Stage Engage is leading the way in sustainability, convenience, and innovative engagement. Their story serves as an inspiration to businesses ready to step into the future of networking.