Furniture Village x V1CE

Furniture Village x V1CE

Revolutionising Networking with V1CE: Charlie Harrison, Managing Director of Furniture Village

As our digital era progresses at breakneck speed, successful businesses are quick to embrace the opportunities new technology presents. This is true across sectors, from retail to finance, and for businesses of every size. Today, we're turning the spotlight on Furniture Village, a supreme champion family-run business with 55 stores across the United Kingdom. Our conversation is with none other than their dynamic Managing Director, Charlie Harrison.

Furniture Village isn't your average furniture retailer; it's a company with a strong legacy and an even stronger future. With multiple accolades under its belt, including 'Supreme Champion Family Business of the Year,' 'Retail Family Business of the Year,' and 'London & South East Family Business of the Year' at the 2022 Family Business of the Year Awards, Furniture Village is a household name that exudes quality and commitment.

V1CE Card with Furniture Village Award 2022

Charlie’s enthusiasm for innovative technology was palpable. "Technology when used to make our lives easier is a game changer, and that's exactly what V1CE does! Thank you."

Like many other forward-thinking leaders, Charlie first heard about V1CE through social media. Intrigued by the rave reviews and the cutting-edge technology, he saw a solution to a common problem that most business professionals encounter - the age-old issue of traditional business cards.

The switch to V1CE was timely. When Charlie was promoted to Managing Director, he took it as a signal to embrace innovation. Traditional business cards, with their inherent limitations, were no longer cutting it. "Carrying many can be very cumbersome, and it was always quite easy to leave them behind. Also, changing job titles can become tiresome!"

Furniture Village store

Charlie saw V1CE as more than just an NFC Business Card business. He saw a networking tool - a new way of conducting business. A V1CE card was always with him, making it easy to pass on details. With the wider senior management team now planning to roll out V1CE cards, the eco-friendly aspect of reducing wastage is another feather in their cap. "Looking to update more people to the technology and cut back on wastage" was one of his key future goals with V1CE.

Furniture Village's custom V1CE Cards

There was another significant advantage that Charlie was quick to point out - the software's simplicity and user-friendly interface. "It's ease of use" was his favourite feature, a statement that will resonate with anyone seeking a seamless transition to a new technology.

When asked about the response from staff and customers, his response was immediate: "They're very jealous - they all want one!" That's a testament to how V1CE has not just solved a problem but has become a coveted possession, a symbol of a modern, tech-forward professional.

V1CE Card in Furniture Village HQ

The introduction of V1CE within Furniture Village has not just simplified networking for Charlie Harrison, but it's also marked a significant step towards a more sustainable, streamlined, and innovative future for the company. It's clear that this networking tool is revolutionizing the way businesses interact, proving once again that when technology is designed to make our lives easier, it's indeed a game-changer.