We are so pleased to have formed a long-standing partnership with Dillard’s, who have recently distributed V1CE cards to over 700 associates from an initial trial of two senior managers.

Dillard’s were focused on upgrading their existing business cards and wanted a new service with quality and professionalism. They were looking for a solution as their paper cards were out of date and costing them a lot of money to print. They found V1CE after searching for the best digital business card on the market. Greg believes this is a truly ‘better way to establish legendary service’ - with a digital business card that can be tapped on a customer’s phone, taking service to the next level. 

They have noticed that all their associates want to ‘get their hands on one’ as they have quickly seen how a V1CE card elevates their status in a customer’s eyes.



Greg Ostberg, District Manager of the Florida Region and Chris Sargeant, Assistant District Manager of the Florida region had amazing things to say about the capabilities, impact and customer service of their V1CE cards.

Both Chris and Greg tested out the cards initially and were ‘blown away by the response from customers and vendors’. The response has been ‘overwhelmingly positive’ - so much so that they rolled it out to another 300 associates which quickly grew to another 700. That’s growth we love to see!

‘People still matter, relationships still matter, an algorithm can’t do what this card can do.’

- Chris Sargant

Greg wanted to thank us for the impact the cards are making on their business with this ‘amazing tool’. He now doesn’t leave his hotel without his credit card and his customised V1CE card!

Chris calls the V1CE card rollout a ‘game changer.’ Both him and Greg are excited about the future as they continue to elevate and change.

‘They are much more than a card’ - we certainly agree and are so glad that Greg and all the Dillard’s associates think the same! 



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